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It is a sunny Sunday morning when we find Mr Sambor at the quay in Antwerp. He is heading for Weilburg in Germany. See him waving at his family. He is overwhelmed by a mixture of emotions… Tears are in his eyes because he is leaving them behind. But his heart makes a little jump at the thought of holding  Nina Babs in his arms again….He has had to miss his German girlfriend for far too long now!! He met her on his trip through Europe and he remembers her bellydancing on the table on their latest encounter. J Oh, how he longs to hear her laughter again!

The weather is beautiful as he leaves with his sailing boat. It is quite a big boat with white sails. Mr Sambor smiles with his big teeth. During his journey he  gets the company of some dolphins that jump cheerfully next to his boat. And look there!! There is Dory and there…There is Nemo!! “Have you seen my dad? Have you seen my dad?”, he keeps on  asking.

The first stop Mr Sambor makes is in Keulen/Köln/Cologne. He wants to visit the chocolate museum to taste if the German chocolate is as good as the Belgian. ;-) The museum is very interesting and Mr Sambor buys a little present to share with Nina Babs.

As he continues his journey afterwards, he is suddenly frightened by a huge dark mass, coming closer. Is it the yellow submarine??? Is it the monster of Lochness??? Oh no, it is the whale that  Dory called…Just before Mr Sambor arrives in Weilburg – he can already see the castle on top of the riverside of the Lahn- the whale comes closer  and closer and swallows our hero…. Deep inside the enormous belly, mr Sambor is sobbing… Will he ever see dear Nina Babs again???




In a split second Mr. Sambor is in the wale's mouth. After some time he recognizes that he is not alone: Dory and Nemo have had bad luck as well. They have not much time to create a plan because the whale is very hungry, so they have to make a decision quickly. Dory has the brilliant idea to hold on the uvula and then to sway out of the whale's mouth. Finally, they manage to do that. Mr. Sambor feels some relief and thinks of Nina Babs. But when he gets to Weilburg, to their meeting point she is not there??? He only finds a card saying she had to go to Tczew urgently to visit her sick aunt. That is fine, he thinks, I am going there too, so we will meet a bit later. So he makes is way back to the exciting city of Cologne.

Back at Cologne he does not miss the chance to visit the impressive cathedral. Not to lose much time he goes straight back on his boat. However, he does not have too much luck. Because of the bad weather conditions he has to stop at Hamburg, on the big river Elbe with its huge port. Now he has to look for a hotel as a night on his boat is too uncomfortable. He decides for the Atlantic Hotel not only because of its name, much more because of its luxurious water-beds. The next morning he gets up early in order to be in his well-loved element, the sea again. This time the Baltic Sea is his target. He travels past  Kiel and along Rügen. Mr. Sambor has to handle rough waves on the Baltic Sea, so he is glad when he can sail up the river Oder and has just enough strength to get to Tczew. When he reaches the port Mr. Sambor has to notice that there is a leak in his hull and water in the boat...


Colmenar near Madrid. He asked his cousin where he could get a hydrofoil. She told him that it that was last machine and he had to wait.

The Beaver couldn't wait, so within days he constructed his own plane. Mrs. Salomea and Barbara were surprised when they saw Sambor's machine. The Mr. Sambor's boat began to sink. Our friend was very upset, because he was very close to river port in Tczew. He wanted to get water outside his boat, so he took a bucket and successfully saved his boat.. When he docked at the port, Mr. Sambor finally got on his homeland. He recalled that he could meet his cousin, Mrs. Salomea.

When they met, Mrs. Salomea invited our friend to her house.  They were talking all night. Mr. Sambor told her the story of his journey. Mrs. Salomea promised to him, she lead him to Nina's aunt. On the next day they visited her. Her name is Barbara. She felt much better, but she was still ill. Mr. Sambor was very disappointed, because he received another note from his girlfriend. She wrote that she got a hydrofoil and she is going now to skillful Beaver said goodbye to the ladies and he flew form Vistula bank. He decided that he will fly across Bulgaria, because he had received a gift from Barbara to Nina's brother. Mr. Sambor took a lot of pictures of waterways between Tczew to Sofia. He didn't have a proper map, but he knew all waterways between the two countries so he flew over the rivers. Suddenly the engine coughed a few times and it stopped working.

Another terrifying moment in this journey occurred.


Luckily Mr. Sambor manages to open the parachute and lands softly. Unfortunately he appears to land in water. He looks around trying to find the best way to go ahead. But… there is a persistent smell in the air and Mr. Sambor finds out that the water around him is covered with kerosine.  In a minute he realizes that the pelicans and other inhabitants of the Srebarna reserve at the Danube river are in danger. How could he help them?

Our hero decides to do his utmost but to save the birds. He quickly builds up an enclosure of wood which will stop the oil spot and the situation is under control until the arrival of rescue teams.

Now Mr. Sambor remembers that he has a gift for Mr. Franklin, Nina’s brother. Mr. Sambor and Mr. Franklin are longlife friends who both like journeys and adventures. Mr. Sambor finds his friend and they have a cup of coffee at their favourite café in front of the National theatre in Sofia. They are really worried about Nina’s mysterious disappearance, so they make their way in search for Nina. Mr. Franklin suggests going to Adana in Turkey. There lives Mr. Drago who can help them to read the encrypted letter they’ve received meanwhile.

On their way to Adana they don’t miss to see Dolmabahche Palace and the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the marvelous city of two continents.

It is a lovely sunny day a week later and we see the two friends sailing down the Goksu river. The water is shining in the morning sun. There is a gentle breeze and there is not a single cloud in the sky. It’s so peaceful! On a morning like that you feel that nothing can go wrong…

And yet something has gone wrong! There appears something like a whirlpool and the raft with our heroes is going right there.  In that whirlpool there is a little baby eagle. Mr. Sambor sees that the bird is going to die. The sailors manage to pull the raft and to tie it to a tree. Mr. Sambor, tied with another rope, dives into the water to pull the bird out. So he goes to the baby eagle, grabs him tight and… disappears somewhere with the bird! And Mr. Franklin is very frightened and he is shouting…



“WHERE ARE YOU MR. SAMBOR?!” Our hero and the baby eagle both wahe up on the banks of the Seyhan river. Both are shocked and frightened, after they calm down a bit they baby eagle is greatful and asks how it could repay Mr. Sambors help. Just at that moment from the sky, something  is flying towards our hero with great speed. It was the baby eagle's mother attacking Mr. Sambor with her sharp claws. The little baby cries “No mother, this is my hero, the one who saved me from drowning.” The mother eagle is ashamed by her action and begs for forgiveness and thanks our hero for saving her baby. The mother takes her baby and slowly flies away and now after all the excitment and adventure Mr. Sambor is very hungry. He decides to go to Nina's grandmother,  Ms. Camila. He goes down to Central Park where Ms. Camilas house is and when he arrives,  she welcomes  him with love and care. Ms. Camile feeds  him with Adana's  famous kebab and turnip drink.  Out of curiosity he asks her  about  Mr. Drago, she tells him that he left for Spain just morning.  Mr. Sambor thanks Ms. Camila for treating him to a wondeful  feast and  left to  sail on the Mediterranean Sea on his way to Spain. Our hero takes place on the ship without anyone realizing him and finds a nice little hinding place he could stay during the trip. Meanwhile, his mind is flooded with thoughts and doesn't really know what he is doing. The only thing he wants is to see his beloved Nina again, just then whispers comes  to his ears.  Is our hero  going mad?  No… he looks down out of  the sea and there he sees a little clown fish. He asks  if he has seen his son. This must be  Nemo's father.  He says to himself.  Mr. Sambor gets out of his hiding place to answer,  and suddenly  one of the guard dogs securing the perimeter sees our hero and chases after him. It barks loudly and finally catches him. The dog  takes  a bite of our hero's arm, he passes out after this overwhelming event. The guard dog leaves him alone thinking that he is dead. When he wakes up with the blood dripping from his arm, Mr. Sambor doesnt give up just yet.  He finds another hinding place in one of the ship containers and stays there until they make port. Even though our hero is in pain,  he feels  healed just thinking about Nina's beautiful smile and peaceful  voice. He realizes he is losing blood too fast and needs  treatment right away.  What will Mr. Sambor do now?  Will he make port in time to find medical care for his bleeding arm?


When Mr. Sambor was on the boat desperate, feverish, without hope, he glimpsed a beautiful mermaid (was she The Little Mermaid??) who ask him kindly if he wanted her to use her magical powers for healing his wound:

-In order to sew you, I’ll have to change you into a stuffed animal, a “teddy beaver” in your case. –she added-

He only had one way: to accept the mermaid offer and when she finished her work, she told him that he would arrive to the coast sound and safe if he just let the waves carry him away.

After a relaxing trip, he put his foot on land on Barcelona port. He was so excited about the city, the people, the monuments… that he forgot all about his new condition. After walking a long time, he found a map of Barcelona, and there was a monument that he wanted to visit, the Sagrada Familia of Gaudi. After walking around the Gothic Neighborhood, and tasting some fresh fish, he bumped into the Sagrada Familia. ”Fascinating!”, he thought contemplating the big and original cathedral. Suddenly he felt how his feet were rising and something grabbed him by his back, suddenly, he was surrounded by more stuffed animals like him:

-You’re the new one – said a horse whose name was Willbur.

-Where am I? – Mr. Sambor asked.

-We’re stuffed toys that the managers of a souvenir shop sell at the end of the visit in this important monument, La Sagrada Familia, by Gaudí.

Mr. Sambor was surpirsed, but he didn’t had so much time to think of that, because a pretty Belgian girl, who was 12, called Amber went into the shop and bought both stuffed toys: Mr. Sambor and Willbur!

-Don’t worry, we’ll go to Waregem, my place of origin and we’ll return to our homes. Trust me!- Willbur said confidently.

Amber,our girl,wanted to start a trip with Mr.Sambor and Mr.Willbur(the horse), because she wanted to live adventures with them.

They started their trip at the Barcelona’s port to go to Marseille. The ship was very big and Mr.Sambor was frightened thinking about his last experience,but the girl was always hugging him and Mr.Willbur, and Mr.Sambor forgot her lovely Nina very soon.

They arrived fine at Marsella’s port, but there they saw that there was a strange man following them. Trying to run away from him they took a boat in the Rhodanus river,that flows in the Seine river. They were wishing to arrive as soon as possible because there was a lot of people. Fortunately the strange man was soon lost.

They arrived at Paris and they started running to be the first ones that go up the Eiffel Tower, because that day was a special day, it was Sant’s Valentines Day.

When they were at the top of the tower a girl said to Amber:

--Hey! Could you sell me that beautiful teddies? I want them

--No,sorry-answered Amber-They’re mine.

The girl started crying and her mother tried to steal Mr.Sambor and Mr.Willbur from Amber, so they went down through all the Eiffel tower’s stairs.

When they were at Paris’ centre, they went to the train station and took the first train that passed for Belgium. During the journey they ate a lot of typical Belgian chocolates.

Finally the train stopped near the Leie River so they followed the river until they arrived at the O.L.V. Hemelvaart Instituut, where she showed her new teddies to their classmates and told them their adventures around the world. Mr. Willbur was amazed to find a nice racetrack and hippodrome in Waregem. It was just the right place for him!

And nowadays the teddies continue travelling  with some high schools of Europe! Mr. Sambor is very happy because he’s taking part in a very interesting Comenius Project!



-Nina died because she was very sad without Mr.Sambor.

-The letter was lost and some explorers of Barcelona found it and now it’s in the Barcelona’s National Museum, and they are studying it because it’s in beavers’ language.

-Mr.Drago continues waiting and waiting for Mr.Sambor, but he never arrived.

-Nemo and Dori made a film with Pixar in Hollywood. They became very popular.


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