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Sunday, 04 November 2012 07:12


Our village, Colmenar Viejo (Madrid):


Colmenar is the village where we live, it’s a big village but it isn’t a city like Madrid.

A river called “Manzanares” passes near here, because we’re at La Cuenca Alta del Manzanares. In this river there are 2 bridges. One of those bridges is the Bridge of the Batán or New Bridge., it was made in the 16th century The name comes from an ancient Batán. The other Bridge is the Bridge of the Grajal and it´s far. We’ve got some mills and “batanes”.

There’s a mall which there are a lot of shops like Pimkey, Alcampo (Auchamp), C&A…

There’s a square and a bullring. In Colmenar there are 2 importants traditions: the Vaquilla and the Maya.

The Vaquilla is an event that we celebrate on 2nd February. Some boys chase an other boy who is wearing a special coustume which  some handkerchief and some ring- shaped pastry.

The other is la Maya, It’s on the 2nd of May. In this event a girl wear a special dress, she’s seating at an altar with a lot of flowers and she can’t move during the whole evening. (she’s la Maya). Some girls go to get some money for the Maya.

During the last week of August we celebrate the festivities for our Virgin, La Virgen de los Remedios. In theese festivities there are a small street market and some funfairs.

In Colmenar there are 2 churches and some hermitages. The most important one is Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, and the most important hermitage is Remedios. It’s in a little forest and here there are archeological remains.

In Colmenar there’s a little marsh and the teens go there for spend the day in summer.

In this village there are three swimming pools: two  of those are heated swimming pools and the other one is very big and is only for summer. Opposite there is a sport centre call “Martín Colmenarejo”,opposite our IES there’s an other sport centre called “Lorenzo Rico” and the other and the newest is “Samaranch”.



Our High School IES Rosa Chacel.


We’re going to introduce our High School. I think that this High School is one of the best of Madrid because we have very good teachers. They try to help us in everything so that we can improve. The students are very nice and they don´t usually make trouble and if there is any fight the heads of studies are ready to end the fight.

Here, we’re 900 students, all diferent, but all of them are able to smile for us.

We’ve got the luck of being one of the 3 high schools which has International Baccalaureate and Technology High School. Our playground is very big, imagine, we’re 900 students in the same place. We’re very happy to have this big playground! In P.E sometimes we go to the Sports Center that is opposite the high school. This place has a swimming pool where we have some lessons.

We’ve got 4 caretakers, one of them is in the pavilion of 1º and 2º ESO and the rest (3 caretakers) are in the pavilion of 3º, 4º ESO and Baccalaureate. We’ve got people who help the boys and girls who have any problem or disabilities too.

Many of our classrooms have interactive blackboards and we’ve got a lot of computer’s rooms.

Some teachers are responsible for the library. They look after the library helped by some students. This place has a lot of books in English, Spanish and French. It is available to all high school students. They can borrow any book.

In conclusion, our high school is a very good place where we can study and have fun with friends and all people who come from other countries or places around the world.





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